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You cannot run a business in the world if you have a company that is not connected to the quality of life of society around. 

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Welcome to the Cloudcoin Era 

  we are not Cloudcoin Consortium and you may strictly prefer to deal with them as your first choice and then return visit here anytime, and if we have CloudCoins for sale they're all the same. We accept PayPal or USDollars on Credit Card though there is a set coin minimum sale purchase today of 4,000. 

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Cloudcoin Only Good Money Here's Why

The essence of money is that it cannot be counterfeited. The purpose of money is to help us economize. The value of money is based on its physical and logical integrity (trust). CloudCoin take trust to the highest level ever. Using the patent-pending RAIDA technologies. Note that the RAIDA does not create, store, transmit, track or broker CloudCoins or eCurrency. The only function of the each RAIDA Cloud is to detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin.